SBHS Friars


SBHS Friars

In 1958 the Friars Club was established at Saddle Brook High School.  It started out then and still is a camaraderie of coaches, teachers, administrators and community supporters of the students of Saddle Brook High School.   While many of us have retired from teaching at SB we continue to support the school efforts and have been enjoying each others company at annual holiday gatherings,  end of year barbeques, and fall football trips since 1969.  Below are some photos of our gatherings.  More will be added here and on my YouTube site.  Right below is a band chaperone collage from 1993.

Friar Christmas Dinner - 2019

Friars at Francesco's - December 4, 2019

Friar Barbeque

Barbeque @ Sal's - 2018

Friar Memories

Through the Years

Jack Impomeni

Slide show created by Mark Impomeni

Jack Impomeni


Classic Friar Clips

Jack and Chuck at their finest!

Friar - Party and Trip Reviews

Friar Review

Friar Barbecue - 2017

Barbeque at Sal's House

Holiday Dinner

December 13, 2016

Friar Holiday Dinner


Friar Barbeque

Friar Barbecue - 2014


Christmas Dinner


Christmas Dinner


Friar Barbeque


Spring Barbeque

Saddle Brook High School Scholarship Dinner - 2019

Music and Science

Coach Sam Patton